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AB Microfinance Bank offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to easily access loans.
Micro Loans
SME Loans
Housing Loans
myABmobile is the first FREE mobile banking app in Nigeria. Every client can perform all the available transactions free of charge.
myABmobile is fast, secure and convenient and enables you to execute basic banking transactions from your AB bank account through your mobile phone.
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AB Microfinance Bank Nigeria offers its clients a fast, low cost, and secure way of transferring their funds to any commercial bank within Nigeria.
Transfer of funds to all commercial banks in Nigeria
Useful for business men/women, travellers and school children
Avoid the Cash-less Charges
Fast and convenient


Now myAB account is accessible from my mobile phone

myABflex is here to make your banking experience more convenient and faster. Bill payments and other transactions can be done conveniently and securely without having to visit the bank branch or ATM. It comes with biometric authenticator for seamless login, and it is designed to cater for most banking needs. It is a user-friendly app that provides round the clock banking services to users.
Account opening request
Secured and Intra and Inter-bank transfers
Unique dashboards
Personalized theme
Efficient bill payments
Airtime top-up
Transaction receipts generation
Loan calculator and application

AB Microfinance Bank Nigeria Limited Group Services Level Agreement

AB Microfinance Bank Nigeria Limited (ABN; AB Nigeria) Group Services Level Agreement is essential to the Bank’s operations in Nigeria as it ensures service quality in meeting customer needs and outreach, supports capacity building and human resource development, and fosters AB Nigeria’s long-term profitability. AB Nigeria has a Group Services Level Agreement with Access Microfinance Holdings AG (AccessHoldings) in Germany.

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